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Fiction and Non-fiction works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Conan Doyle’s literary output was truly prodigious. Although the Sherlock Holmes stories are undoubtedly his best known work, his talent as a storyteller was manifest in many genres. These include historical fiction, tales of horror and suspense, science fiction, poetry, and plays for the stage. In addition to his many fictional works, Arthur Conan Doyle’s interest in a broad and eclectic variety of subjects is reflected in his non-fiction writing. This work includes essays on literature, accounts of England’s involvement in the South African War and World War I, true crime writings, and writings about photography that range from the mainstream to the extraordinary.

Many of these works can be read online through the Gutenberg Project or other websites.

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The White Company Round the Red Lamp The Adventures of Gerard A Duet with an Occasional Chorus
The Lost World Waterloo The Great Boer War The Case of Oscar Slater
The Case for Spirit Photography