Fraternal Societies in Canada

Fraternal societies have existed since ancient Greece and Rome. They were first introduced to Canada in the nineteenth century by immigrants from Great Britain. Although they developed independently, most fraternal societies mimicked their British counterparts, using similar philosophies, customs and organizational structures.

membership certificate - Loyal Orange Association of British America

Loyal Orange Association of British America. Loyal Orange Primary Lodge, No. 375.
Toronto, 1886.
Membership certificate, Loyal Orange County Lodge fonds L35

title page - Talks with Craftsmen
page 16 - Talks with Craftsmen
page 17 - Talks with Craftsmen

Talks with Craftsmen, and Pencillings by the Wayside. Thoughts for those who are earnest in a work that serves a noble end and bind the hearts of a great brotherhood in the golden chain of faith, fellowship and fraternity.
J. Ross Robertson.
Toronto: Hunter, Rose & Company, Printers, 1890.
366.1 R57.4 BR

Most fraternal societies featured secret rites, initiations and language, which gave them an element of mystery and caused some people to view fraternal societies with suspicion.

catalogue cover
catalogue page 17

Catalogue No. 91 of Regalia, Badges, Jewels, Lodge Room Supplies, Emblems, Uniforms, Costumes, Paraphernalia, Etc.
Toronto: Ambrose, Kent & Sons, 193-?
366.971 A51 AR

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Source: Special Collections, Toronto Public Library.