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Harry Murton was a member of the Toronto Tecumseh Lacrosse Club. In his diary in 1906 he reflects on his life as a lacrosse player and makes some interesting observations about his team-mates. Murton was a member of Canada’s 1932 Olympic Lacrosse team and an honoured member of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Christmas Greetings, Tecumseh
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Diary of Harry Murton - July 4, 1906

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Murton, Harry, Diary July 4th 1906


July 4th. Wednesday
    We lost our game in Cornwall on Monday by 9-3. Toronto lost on the same date by 6-5.
    I often pause to reflect what a strange life I lead and how far I have diverged from the quiet studious life which I lead in Fergus. It is hard to understand the atmosphere of sporting life. I used to think that lacrosse would be a mere side-line in my life a mere means to an end but it is impossible to play lacrosse professionally without making it the main interest in your life at least for the time during which you play. I am in a certain sense isolated in the crowd. The fellows are sharp and generally speaking, though rough, good hearted and lively. But none of them are educated and have any thoughts beyond the day’s interests. Their subjects of thought and conversation are purely worldly and are mainly concerned with the games, a discussion of the different players and the day’s events which will assist them in putting in their time.

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Source: Special Collections, Toronto Public Library.