Il Pastor Fido

Il Pastor Fido (The Faithful Shepherd)
George Frideric Handel
Opera Atelier production, October 1990
Studio de Musique Ancienne de Montréal and Artists of Atelier Ballet
Macmillan Theatre, Toronto

Handel’s opera seria, Il Pastor Fido, premiered at the Queen’s Theatre, Haymarket in 1712, and in a revised version in 1734. The action takes place in Arcadia where a sin of faithlessness, committed long ago by a shepherdess incurred the wrath of the goddess Diana. Only the love of the nymph Amarillis and the huntsman Silvio can expiate this sin. Opera Atelier’s production of Il Pastor Fido, conducted by resident music director David Fallis, was an amalgam of the most dramatic and musical moments taken from both the 1712 and 1734 productions.

Gerard Gauci: My contributions to the designs of this pastoral opera were two painted statues of the goddess Diana and Cupid. Susan Zerafa and Jeremy Nasmith, both members of the Atelier Ballet, posed for these likenesses.