Illustrated newspapers

When Paget wasn’t illustrating fiction, he was often called upon to depict current events in the popular illustrated newspapers of the day such as the London Illustrated News, the Graphic, and The Sphere.

Sidney Paget
Illustration from the Queen Victoria Memorial number of The Sphere, January 26, 1901.

Paget was specially commissioned by The Sphere to depict this scene of the royal family in mourning.

Sidney Paget
“The Dispersal of Sir Henry Irving’s Treasures” in The Sphere, December 23, 1905.

Note that if you look closely at the crowd attending the Irving auction you may see another Sherlock Holmes look-alike!

Sidney Paget
“During the Terrible Battle on the Sha-ho” in The Sphere, January 7, 1905.

War scenes, such as this one from the Russo-Japanese war, were often photographed or sketched at the front and then reinterpreted at home by artists such as Paget.

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Source: Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Periodicals and Newspaper Centre, Toronto Public Library.