Henry Langley’s Partnerships


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Edmund Burke, partner Langley & Burke on his election as President of the Ontario Association of Architects, 1894.
Canadian Architect and Builder, Vol. 7, No. 2, p. 22.

Canada Life Assurance building, King Street West, Toronto ca 1898.
Carre, W. H., Art Work on Toronto, Blantyre Books, Toronto, 1984 (reprint of 1898 edition)

Floor plan of the Offices of Langley & Burke in Canada Life Assurance Building, King St. West, Toronto, 5th floor, November, 1890. Canadian Architect and Builder, Vol. 3, No. 11, p. 123.

School of Practical Science, Province of Ontario. University of Toronto, Diploma for Charles Edward Langley, 3 May 1892, Henry Langley Papers, accession #218.

Charles Edward Langley was the first graduate of the Department of Architecture, where his father, Henry Langley initiated the chair. Charles Edward later joined his father’s firm, which became Langley & Langley. After Henry Langley’s death in 1907, Charles Edward formed a partnership with William Ford Howland, his father’s former student.

Ledger listing contract expenses by job, March 1885 to December 1910. Folio; One of three such ledgers in the Manuscript Collection, Baldwin Room.

Henry Langley’s Partnerships:

Gundry & Langley
Henry Langley & Thomas Gundry

- St. Peter’s Anglican Church, 1864-65
- St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, spire, 1865-66
- Alexander Street Baptist Church, 1866, Demolished
- St. Stephen-in-the-Fields Anglican Church, restoration, 1865-66
- St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, 1869-70, now Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church

Henry Langley

- McGill Square Church, 1870-72, now Metropolitan United Church
- Parliament Street Methodist Church, 1871, Demolished
- Toronto Necropolis Chapel, 1872

Langley, Langley & Burke
Henry Langley, Edward Langley & Edmund Burke

- Jarvis Street Baptist Church, 1874-75
- The Cathedral Church of St. James, spire, 1874
- Sherbourne Street Methodist Church, 1876, now St. Luke’s United Church
- St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 1877-78, now St. Andrew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
- Elm Street Methodist Church, 1877, Demolished
- Little Trinity Anglican Church, addition, 1878
- St. Mark’s Anglican Church, 1881

Langley & Burke
Henry Langley & Edmund Burke

- Beverley Street Baptist Church, 1886, now Chinese Baptist Church
- Trinity Methodist Church, 1887-89, now Trinity St. Paul’s United Church
- College Street Baptist Church, 1888, now Portuguese Seventh-Day Adventist Church
- Dunn Avenue Methodist Church, 1889, Demolished
- Walmer Road Baptist Church, 1889-92

Langley & Langley
Henry Langley & Charles Edward Langley

- Memorial Baptist Church, 1897

List represents the Toronto churches and church additions that the Langley partnerships designed. It is not intended as a definitive list.


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