Booms, Wars and Depression, 1900-1945

1901 "The Ward" is home to Jewish, Italian, Chinese and other immigrants.
The Demolition of the "Ward", 1909

Ethnic Diversity, 1920s

1903 American auto racer Barney Oldfield sets a Canadian speed record at the Exhibition, driving 81.1 k.p.h (50.4 m.p.h.)
1904 Second Great Fire levels 20 acres of downtown Toronto around Bay and Wellington, April 19.
Aftermath of the Great Fire

Map showing area of fire

1907 Tobogganing on Sunday is a crime.
Winter sports

The Royal Alexandra Theatre opens.

1909 The first Grey Cup, between University of Toronto and Parkdale, is played at Rosedale Field. U of T wins.
1914 World War One starts.
The farewell to soldiers off to war, c. 1916

Toronto wins its first Stanley Cup.

Henry Pellatt moves into Casa Loma

Babe Ruth hits his first professional league game home-run from Hanlan's Point into Toronto Bay.
Baseball stadium at Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands, c. 1905

1915 Toronto regiments suffer heavy casualties at Ypres and St. Julien in Belgium, April 22.
Recruitment poster for the 48th Highlanders, c. 1915

1918 World War One ends.

The Bloor Viaduct over the Don River Valley is completed, joining Bloor and Danforth.
Building the Bloor Viaduct

1926 Toronto Maple Leaf Baseball Team (International League) relocates to a new stadium at Lakeshore and Bathurst.
Maple Leaf Stadium Official Program, 1937

1927 Toronto swimmer George Young , 17, wins the 2nd Wrigley Marathon but loses the 3rd at the CNE.
1928 Bob Cole of Highland Creek patents his invention, the snow blower.
1929 Toronto Stock Exchange suffers its worst loss, October 29, setting off the Great Depression.
1931 Head offices for Canada Life and Bank of Commerce (tallest building in the British Empire) open.
View of Toronto Skyline

The cornerstone is laid for Maple Leaf Gardens.
Maple Leaf Gardens. General Journal, 1938, p. 39 & 56

1933 Thirty percent of Torontonians are jobless.
Editorial Cartoon - Toronto Telegram, October 27, 1933

Communist Party of Canada flyers, 1931

Young Jews clash with the Swastika Club at Balmy and Key beaches, and the "Pit Gang" at Christie Pits.
"Toronto 'Swastikas' arouse Jews." Toronto Telegram, August 1, 1933

1939 World War Two starts.
1942 Victory Aircraft in Malton is formed to manufacture Lancasters.
Lancaster over "Fair for Britain" Toronto, August 31, 1942
1945 World War Two ends.