A selection of websites related to railway and/or Toronto history.

Archives of Ontario
A source of Toronto, Ontario and railway history, including a Visual Database.

British Columbia Archives
See the Visual Records Database for railway images.

Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet
A comprehensive list of links to Canadian archives and associated resources on the Internet.

Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
Information about one of Canada's major railways.

Canadian Railroad Museum
An association dedicated to the preservation and distribution of information on Canadian railway heritage.

City of Toronto Archives
A source of historical Toronto and railway information including an Image Database.

Images Canada
A gateway of over 65,000 pictorial images from Canada's cultural institutions, including the Toronto Public Library.

Library and Archives Canada
The National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada are now merged into Library and Archives Canada.

Mike's Railway History: The Way it was before 1935
A worldwide source of railway information, including Canadian sites.

The Railways of Canada Archives
An informal group that gathers and circulates the history and development of Canadian railways.

Toronto Postcard Club
An association devoted to the preservation and promotion of postcards.


A selection of books about railways and Toronto history available in the collections of the Toronto Public Library.

Iron and Steam: A History of the Locomotive and Railway Car Builders of Toronto. Dana William Ashdown. Toronto: Robin Brass Studio, 1999.
A thorough study of Toronto factories that manufactured railway equipment from 1852 to 1918.

Landmarks of Toronto, 6 v. J. Ross Robertson. Toronto: J. Ross Robertson, 1894-1914.
A descriptive text with some illustrations about many buildings in the early city.

Lost Toronto. William Dendy. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1978.
An informative book with photographs about the Toronto that has vanished.

The Municipality of Toronto: A History, 3 v. J.E. Middleton. Toronto: Dominion Publishing Co., 1926.
A wealth of information about the city from its early days.

The Railways of Toronto: The First Hundred Years, v. 1 & 2. John Riddell. Calgary: R.B.M.N.A. 1991, 1994.
Two excellent books filled with photographs, maps and Toronto railway history.

The Rise of Toronto: 1850-1890. D.C. Masters. Toronto. University of Toronto Press, 1947.
An informative reference book.

Sisters in the Wilderness: The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill. Charlotte Gray. Toronto: Viking, 1999.
A very readable book about an extraordinary pioneer family in early Ontario.

Time Lord. Clark Blaise. Toronto: A.A. Knopf Canada, 2000.
An informative book about a remarkable man, Sir Sandford Fleming, who changed the way the world thought about time.

Toronto's Lost Villages. Ron Brown. Toronto: Polar Bear Press, 1997.
A fascinating book about parts of Toronto that have disappeared, including railway towns.

Toronto No Mean City, 2nd ed. Eric Arthur. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974.
An illustrated Toronto architectural reference book.

Toronto The Way it Was. Michael Kluckner. Toronto: Whitecap Books, 1988.
A general reference book about Toronto neighbourhoods which contains railway information.

Toronto Then & Now. Mike Filey. Ottawa: Magic Light Publishing, 2000.
Mike Filey's latest book about Toronto is filled with photographs and nuggets of Toronto information.

Toronto to 1918. J.M.S. Careless. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co. Publishers, 1984.
A seminal book about Toronto.

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