Stephanus de Urbibus

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Stephanus Byzantinus was a Greek grammarian and writer of a lexicon containing an alphabetical list of counties, cities and peoples of ancient Greece. Although the content is interesting, it is the physical book which is of more lasting significance. This edition is from the press of Venetian printer Aldus Manutius. The Aldine press made significant contributions to the history of the book, with innovative typography, including the introduction of italics.

The text features a title page in Greek and Latin and a Latin dedication by Aldus on the verso of the title page. The provenance is traceable from the various ex libris on the title page. Pierre de Montmaur, 1576-1648, was the first Jesuit in Rome, and Regis professor of Greek at the College de France in Paris. Jean-Baptists Colbert, 1619-1683, was a French statesman and bibliophile. The National Library of France flourished under his aegis. Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, 1773-1843, was the sixth son of George III. He was President of the Society of Arts and a keen book collector. J. Renard was also book collector, whose library was sold 21 March, 1881. Finally, Baron Horace de Landauís famous library of first editions was sold in June of 1948.

Stephanus de Urbibus.
Stephanus, of Byzantium, 6th century.
Edited by Aldus Manutius, 1449-1515.
Venetuiis: Apud Aldum Romanum, 1502

title page dedication from verso of title page page from book

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